Series: Current Bioactive Compounds vol. 14 iss. 2

Title: Anti Cancer, Molecular Docking and Structure Activity Relationship Studies of Some Novel Synthetic Spiroindolo[3,2-b]Carbazoles as Predicted HER2 and BrK Kinase Inhibitors

Author(s): El Sayed, Mardia T. ;Voronkov, Andrey ;Ogungbe, Ifedayo V. ;El-Hallouty, Salwa M. ;Ahmed, Khadiga M. ;Vladimir, Berishvili ;Balakin, Konstantin

Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers Ltd.

Year: 2018 June 12

Pages: 119--133

DOI: 10.2174/1573407213666170213154357

DOI owner: Bentham Science

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