Title: CJ (MindTap Course List) 5th Edition Edition: 5th

Author(s): Larry K. Gaines, Roger LeRoy Miller

Year: 2018 February 5

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1337402486

Topic: Business literature>Economy>Criminology: Court. examination



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Learn Criminal Justice YOUR Way with CJ! CJ�s easy-reference, paperback textbook presents course content through visually-engaging chapters as well as Chapter Review Cards that consolidate the best review material into a ready-made study tool. With the textbook or on its own, CJ with MindTap allows you to learn on your terms. Read or listen to textbooks and study with the aid of instructor notifications, flashcards and practice quizzes. Track your scores and stay motivated toward your goals. Whether you have more work to do or are ahead of the curve, you�ll know where you need to focus your efforts. And the MindTap Green Dot will charge your confidence along the way. When it�s time to study, everything you�ve flagged or noted can be gathered into a guide you can organize.
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