Title: Reimagining Characters with Unreal Engine's MetaHuman Creator: Elevate your films with cinema-quality character design and motion capture animation

Author(s): Brian Rossney

Publisher: Packt

Year: 2022 December

Pages: 356

ISBN: 9781801817721



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About this book
MetaHuman Creator (MHC) is an online, user-friendly 3D design tool for creating highly realistic digital humans that can be animated within Unreal Engine (UE) and enhanced with motion capture technology. This means that filmmakers and game developers now have access to a high quality, affordable solution that was previously only available to specialist studios.
This book will focus on using UE5 and MHC from a filmmaker angle. Firstly, you’ll understand how to use the online MHC to create a digital character, changing its facial structure, body type, and clothing. After that, you’ll learn all the necessary steps to bring the character into UE5 and set it up for animation. Then, using an iPhone and a webcam to capture face and body movements, you’ll mix these motion capture files, refine the animations using the MetaHuman Control Rig, and save these takes to be reused and edited again within the Level Sequencer. On top of that, you’ll learn
how to create a rendered video file for film production using both the Level Sequencer and a VR Cinematic Camera. By the end of this book, you’ll have created your own MetaHuman character, as well as face and body motion capture data, and learned the necessary skills to give your future projects further realism and creative control.

Part 1: Creating a Character
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Unreal
Chapter 2: Creating Characters in the MetaHuman Interface
Part 2: Exploring Blueprints, Body Motion Capture, and Retargeting
Chapter 3: Diving into the MetaHuman Blueprint
Chapter 4: Retargeting Animations
Chapter 5: Retargeting Animations with Mixamo
Chapter 6: Adding Motion Capture with DeepMotion
Part 3: Exploring the Level Sequencer, Facial Motion Capture, and Rendering
Chapter 7: Using the Level Sequencer
Chapter 8: Using an iPhone for Facial Motion Capture
Chapter 9: Using Faceware for Facial Motion Capture
Chapter 10: Blending Animations and Advanced Rendering with the Level Sequencer
Chapter 11: Using the Mesh to MetaHuman Plugin
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