Series: Stranded

Title: The Exiled

Author(s): Sarah Daniels

ISBN: 9780241508053



E-Book Mutual Aid

Edition ID: 146749918

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Trust no one.
It is six months since the Arcadia set sail for the first time in forty years. But this wasn't the freedom the inhabitants were hoping for. Esther Crossland did what she had to do, but it has left a trail of destruction in her wake. Now the wrecked ship is abandoned. Its inhabitants are in exile, trapped in sprawling make-shift shelters made up of warehouse, tents, shipping containers.
Esther and Nik, architects of the rebellion, are on the run. Esther is in hiding, desperate to do something to help her people, and Nik seems to have abandoned all hope, on a journey taking him further and further from home. And neither of them want to face up to their true feelings about one another . . .
Not only that, there is a new villain in town. With the fall of Commander Hadley, it's left to the ruthless Admiral Janek to deal with the traitors, and her own past is beginning to catch-up with her.
Then the shaky ceasefire negotiated by General Lall, Nik's mum, falls
apart. Nik and Esther find themselves in a world of betrayals and double crossings - a game of power, with no one to trust but themselves.
It's time for the final showdown.
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