Series: ACME Novelty Library (The) (1993) #7

Title: The ACME Novelty Book of Jokes

Author(s): Ware, Chris(Designer); Ware, Chris(Colorist); Ware, Chris(Screenplay)

Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly; Fantagraphics

Year: 1996 June 1

Pages: 32

English Site ID: 4000-51483; Site ID: 116799

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Size: 55 MB Extension: cbz Pages: 29 Scan type: paper Releaser: Pyramid Scan quality: high C2C: Yes DPI: 2357x4030
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The ACME Novelty Library 007 (1996) (c2c) (Pyramid)
Size: 51 MB Extension: cbr Pages: 31 DPI: 72x72/1920x3230
Libgen DC++ Anna's archive 0 Ed2k
Acme Novelty Library 07
Size: 35 MB Extension: cbz Pages: 32 DPI: 120x120/1212x2050
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The Acme Novelty Library 07 Book Of Jokes
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