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If your spot bag is small and you are big on futures

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**If your spot bag is small and you are big on futures* ,

You are making a huge mistake.

Go big with your spot buys than futures trading instead.

All the guys making it in crypto, I know, didn't make their life changing money from day trading futures

It was spot bags that gave them their life changing money.

If you think I'm lying, Do your research and find out

Chris Ani made over 1 billion naira from Axs during the last bull run

Then naira has more value at 300 naira per dollar as of then.

A guy I knew, made over 3 million dollars from 30k dollars investment on spot buys.

I know of a dropshipper who invested 10k dollars in 2020, 2021, his 10k dollars turned into 2 million dollars.

Millions of people haven't experienced a bull run

The ones that have, will understand what I'm saying.

The reason why it's easier to blow in crypto than forex is because,

In forex trading, you need to be good with technical analysis, have an edge, and good trading psychology.

In crypto, you don't need Technical analysis to make it

What you just need is patience and understanding how crypto works.

Even someone that doesn't understand crypto but understand investing and patience, can still blow.

Let me give you an example.

In early 2021, a guy told her neighbor to buy Shiba Inu, she doesn't know how to buy it so she gave this guy 200,000 naira to buy for her

Later the guy taught her to open trustwallet and store her Shiba Inu.

When the peak of the bull run came, this woman made over 30 million naira from Shiba inu buys.

She doesn't know how to do technical analysis or read chart, she just acted on the information her neighbor gave her.

Making money from crypto is freaking easy.

You just need patience, and knowledge on how crypto works which this community *CPK* is already providing with 100% complete kit.

It's left for you to act on the information we give you.
Everything you will ever need to be good at it an profitable is available for you here👉
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