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ID Time add. Title Series Author(s) Publisher Year Pages Language
Lost in Arcadia tp
9781477848531 nov f
Sean Gandert 47North 2017-07-01 401 English
Containment tp
9781612183626 nov f
Christian Cantrell 47North 2012-08-07 287 English
Ink Mage tp
9781477849309 nov f
Victor Gischler 47North 2014-04-29 400 English
Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years hc
9781612184173 nonfict f
David A. Goodman 47North 2012-11-20 176 English
Exodus ebook
9781477855065 nov f
Paul Antony Jones 47North 2013-06-11 English
Starship Grifters tp
9781477818480 nov f
Robert Kroese 47North 2014-05-06 250 English
Flesh and Blood ebook
9781477867464 nov f
Daniel Dersch 47North 2014-03-04 English
Black Ice Burning tp
9781503953925 nov f
A. R. Kahler 47North 2016-10-25 277 English
Wormhole tp
9781612184951 nov f
Richard Phillips 47North 2012-11-20 529 English
Revelations tp
9781477817834 nov f
Paul Antony Jones 47North 2014-04-08 306 English
The Dreams of a Dying God ebook
9781477867808 nov f
Aaron Pogue 47North 2014-02-11 English
No Lasting Burial ebook
9781477868058 nov f
Stant Litore 47North 2013-11-12 English
The Wrath of a Shipless Pirate ebook
9781477857540 nov f
Aaron Pogue 47North 2014-02-11 English
The Dragon Business tp
9781477819463 nov f
Kevin J. Anderson 47North 2014-04 318 English
Against the Light tp
9781612182032 nov f
Dave Duncan 47North 2012-01-24 483 English
Resurrection unknown
9781612182179 nov f
Arwen Elys Dayton 47North 2012-01-24 English
The Dead Man, V1 tp
9781612182599 ant f
William Rabkin; Lee Goldberg 47North 2012-01-17 324 English
The Dead Man Vol 2 tp
9781612182759 ant f
William Rabkin; Lee Goldberg 47North 2012-02-21 English
Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side hc
9781612182612 nonfict f
Daniel Wallace 47North 2012-02 159 English
Further: Beyond the Threshold tp
9781612182438 nov f
Chris Roberson 47North 2012-05-22 vi+343 English
The Mongoliad: Book One tp
9781612182360 nov f
Mark Teppo; Neal Stephenson; Cooper Moo; 47North 2012-04-24 450 English
The Dead Man Vol 3 tp
9781612183794 ant f
William Rabkin; Lee Goldberg 47North 2012-07-24 322 English
The Prankster: A Novella unknown
9781612183633 chb f
James Polster 47North 2012-07-10 English
No Peace for the Damned tp
9781612183602 nov f
Megan Powell (I) 47North 2012-07-10 260 English
Seed tp
9781612183664 nov f
Ania Ahlborn 47North 2012-07-17 250 English