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Date From: 1868-00-00

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"Mr Henry Frowde and Messrs Hodder & Stoughton in co-operation"
publish for the Christmas season three books of nursery tales "costing only 1s. 6d. each"
-- The Scotsman 1907-11-23 p13
"Hodder and Stoughton/Henry Frowde" (SFE3, meaning Henry Frowde imprint of H&S?)
"Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton" ( catalogue , turn of 1910/1911?)
Title page of same book The Cruise of the Gyro-Car shows (four lines, centered):
  Henry Frowde
  Hodder and Stoughton
Other imprints viewed at HathiTrust show ampersand in publisher name, or comma or ampersand after "Frowde", variously combined
Henry Frowde (1841–1927), manager of Oxford University Press operations in London, named Publisher to the University in 1880, helped establish OUP New York City office in 1896
--Wikipedia "Oxford University Press"
--Wikipedia "Hodder & Stoughton" does not mention Frowde; See Wiki Link for more information.
See also Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton , early 20c imprint?
Matthew Henry Hodder and Thomas Wilberforce Stoughton, 1868 partnership
"Hodderscape" is a branding used for their online presences (web site, social media accounts, etc) dedicated to their speculative publications.

Stats: Series: 8; Editions: 1471

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