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Date From: 1948-00-00


США, New York, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014

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New York City
Established 1948, as independent of Penguin (PBI)
New American Library of World Literature, Inc.
"New American Library (NAL) began life as Penguin U.S.A. and as part of Penguin Books of England."
Independent as NALWL from 1948
Acquired 1960 by Times-Mirror, as autonomous
Acquired 1983 by Odyssey Partners
"Reintegrated" 1987 by Penguin (having owned {{publisher|E. P. Dutton}} from 1985)
New American Library of World Literature acquired British paperback publishers Ace Books and {{publisher|Four Square Books}} in 1961.
-- LA Times 1961-03-30 pB1 (agreed), -05-05 pC9 (completed)
See also ISFDB Wiki: Publisher:NAL .
Allen Lane of Penguin established the US branch Penguin Books, Inc. (PBI) in 1945. at; Not to be confused with the Berkley Publishing imprint of the same name.; Onyx was the horror/thriller imprint of New American Library, which was created at the time NAL became a division of Penguin Group USA Inc. It seems to have been dormant since 2010.; The mystery imprint of NAL, but only those titles with fantasy/speculative fiction elements should be in the database.; This New American Library imprint appears to have taken the place of Onyx for its dark thriller genre books.

Stats: Series: 5; Editions: 4728

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In the fifteen years immediately following World War II, paperback publishing came of age in the United States, with a handful of companies leading the way. Ten years after conceiving of the British based Penguin imprint in 1935, Allen Lane established an American branch called Penguin Books, Inc. (PBI). The two men that Lane hired to run PBI—Kurt Enoch and Victor Weybright—soon decided to separate from their British counterpart in 1948 and founded New American Library (NAL).


Title Year Language
The Destroyer bs f
Mentor Classics bs f
A Penguin eSpecial bs f
Plume American Women Writers bs f
Signet Classic bs f
Signet Classics bs f
Signet Double Science Fiction bs f
Signet Regency Romance bs f
Stephen King Print Series bs f
Herman (en anglais) bd c ECW Press;
Andrews McMeel Publishing;
Andrews & McMeel;
Andrews McMeel & Parker;
Andrews and McMeel
1979―1990 Английский
Mad's Don Martin bd c E.C. Publications;
Warner Paperback Library
1962―1977 Английский
Ren & Stimpy Show: Pat the Stimpy (D) com c 1993 Английский
Stephen King's Creepshow com c 1982 Английский
Stephen King's Creepshow (1982) bd c Английский