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141; 28064; 38719; 39570; 58057; 6205

4171; 964

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Title Year Language
Alpha Science Fiction (Oxford University Press) bs f
Archway bs f
Aris & Phillips Classical Texts bs l
The Bible and the Humanities bs f
Classic American Texts bs f
Classical Presences bs f
Dominoes bs f
English-Readers' Library bs f
Inner Lives bs f
Library of Latin America bs f
New Oxford English Series bs f
The Oxford Bible Series bs l
Oxford Bookworms Library bs f
Oxford Children's Classics bs f
Oxford Children's Library bs f
Oxford Children's Modern Classics bs f
Oxford Children's Myths and Legends bs f
Oxford Classical Texts [=OCT;=Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis] bs l
Oxford English Novels bs f
Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics bs l
Oxford Handbooks bs l
Oxford Keynotes bs f
Oxford Library of French Classics bs f
Oxford Literature Resources bs f
Oxford Master Series in Physics bs l
Oxford Medieval Texts bs l
Oxford Modern Languages and Literature Monographs bs f
Oxford Myths and Legends bs f
Oxford New Histories of Philosophy bs l
Oxford Playscripts bs f
Oxford Progressive English Readers bs f
Oxford Textbook of Surgery bs l
Oxford Textual Perspectives bs f
Oxford Twelve bs f
Oxford World's Classics bs f
Oxford World's Classics Hardback Collection bs f
Rollercoasters bs f
The Schomburg Library of Nineteenth-Century Black Women Writers bs f
The Science-Fiction Writers Series bs f
Short! bs f
Society for Classical Studies Texts & Commentaries bs l
Tales Retold for Easy Reading bs f
TreeTops bs f
Treetops classics bs f
Twentieth-Century Classics bs f
World Book Day Specials bs f
The World's Classics bs f
Oxford Science Publications bs l Английский
Very Short Introductions [=VSI] bas l Английский