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Penguin Group USA

Великобритания, London, 80 Strand, London WC2R 0RL; США, New York, 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

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Imprint of Penguin, also known as publisher {{publisher|Kestrel Books}};
See the Penguin imprint {{publisher|Viking}}.;


Не путать с издательством Penguin Press , действовавшим в США примерно в 1930-х годах.

    Firebird is a science fiction and fantasy imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. specifically designed to appeal to both teenagers and adults.
    • Launched in January 2002.
    • Editorial director Sharyn November.
.; Note that this publisher, "Penguin Books", is currently the ISFDB designation for the UK editions, and for all international editions that were published in both the UK and US. All books published exclusively in the US should be entered as "Penguin Books (US)".
Penguin Books was founded in 1935 as a publisher of paperback books in the UK, with occasional titles published in the US. When the company was purchased by Pearson in 1970, it increased the number of titles published in the US. Eventually the US division started publishing books exclusively for the US market, but continued to publish titles simultaneously with their UK partners.; See Wiki link for further details.

Stats: Series: 23; Editions: 3430

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Penguin Group USA — американская издательская компания, входящяя в международный издательский холдинг Penguin Random House ю

В своём составе среди прочих имеет созданный в 2003 г. импринт The Penguin Press .


Title Year Language
Dark Enchantment bs f
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary e-Shorts bs f
Film Classics bs f
Gazelle bs f
King Penguin bs f
Kites bs f
Little Black Classics bs f
Modern Classics bs f
New Penguin Shakespeare bs f
The Originals bs f
Pelican Biographies bs f
Penguin 60s bs f
Penguin Adventure bs f
Penguin Central European Classics bs f
Penguin Children's 60s bs f
Penguin Classic Science Fiction bs f
Penguin Classics bs l Penguin Books
Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition bs f
Penguin Classics Science Fiction bs f
Penguin Clothbound Classics bs f
Penguin Decades bs f
Penguin English Library bs f
Penguin Epics bs f
Penguin Essentials bs f
Penguin European Writers bs f
Penguin Galaxy bs f
Penguin Gothic Classics bs f
Penguin Great ideas bs f
Penguin Hardback Classics bs f
Penguin Illustrated Classics bs f
Penguin Little Black Classics bs f
Penguin Metaphysical Library bs f
Penguin Mini Modern Classics bs f
Penguin Modern bs f
Penguin Modern Classics bs f
Penguin Originals bs f
Penguin Passnotes bs f
Penguin Popular Classics bs f
Penguin Readers bs f
Penguin Science Fiction bs f
The Penguin Shakespeare bs f
Penguin Special bs f
Penguin Specials bs f
Penguin Student Edition bs f
Penguin Travel Library bs f
Penguin Twentieth Century Classics bs f
Penguin Worlds bs f
Permanent Penguins bs f
Picture Puffins bs f
Plus bs f
Pocket Penguin 70's bs f
Porpoise bs f
Puffin Classics bs f
Puffin Modern Classics bs f
Puffin Plus bs f
Puffin Story Books bs f
Puffin Teenage Fiction bs f
Red Classics bs f
Surfers bs f
Take Part Books bs f
Victorian Bestseller bs f
A William Abrahams Book bs f
Wonders of the World bs f
Batman The Story of the Dark Knight com c Английский
Book of Bunny Suicides (The) bd c The Penguin Group;
Hodder & Stoughton
2004―2011 Английский
Great lies to tell small kids os bd c 2006― Английский
How To Be A Superhero com c Английский
Hubert com c 2016 Английский
Madam & Eve bd c Rapid Phase;
Interactive Africa
1995―2006 Английский
Maus, a survivor's tale bd c Pantheon;
Pantheon Books
1986―2011 Английский
Murmur com c 1993 Английский
New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-1975 com c 1925 Английский
Peanuts (Penguin books) bd c 1976― Английский
Raw (1989) bd c 1990― Английский
Skin Deep (1992) os bd c Fantagraphics Английский
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Children of the Force com c 2010 Английский
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Galactic Photobook com c 2008 Английский
T-Rex Trying... bd c 2012― Английский
Tank Girl bd c Titan Books 1995―2008 Английский
Tank Girl: Get Knotted! os bd c 1990― Английский
Tank Girl: Graphic Novel com c Английский
Tank Girl: Graphic Novel com c 1991 Английский
Tank Girl: The Movie com c Английский
Twisted Sisters bd c Kitchen Sink Press 1991―1995 Английский
Vyasa: The Beginning com c 2017 Английский
When The Wind Blows os bd c 1982― Английский