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From the early 1970s until 2002, first printings from Random House were printed with a number line that ends (or begins) with "2", accompanied by a "First Edition" statement. Second printings retained the same number line, but the "First Edition" statement is removed.; Hydra is {{Publisher|Random House}}'s digital-only imprint focused on science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles.

Stats: Series: 79; Editions: 2028

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Title Year Language
Allabout Books bs f
Barnes & Noble Book Club Edition bs f
A Boy's Life Library Book bs f
Bullseye Chiller bs f
Golden Girls bs f
Indiespensable bs f
Knee-High Books bs f
Little Golden Book Classic bs f
Looking Glass Library bs f
Matter-of-Fact Magic bs f
Pop-Up Classic bs f
Prose Quartos bs f
Random House Audiobooks bs f
Random House Sprinters bs f
Step Into Reading bs f
Step-Up Adventures bs f
Step-Up Classic Chillers bs f
Step-Up Movie Adventures bs f
A Stepping Stone Book bs f
A.D. New Orleans after the deluge (2009) os bd c 2010― Английский
Amazing Spider-Man str c 1989―2018 Английский
Astrosmurf com c 1979 Английский
Babymouse com c 2005―2009 Английский
Ben 10 web c 2010 Английский
Bodyworld os bd c 2011― Английский
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (The) os bd c 2002― Английский
Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman GN com c 2008 Английский
Breakdowns: Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@&*! os bd c 2008― Английский
Cancer Vixen: A True Story (2006) os bd c Английский
Cardboard Valise (The) (2011) os bd c Английский
Charles Burns The Hive GN com c 2012 Английский
Comic Wars Marvel's Battle for Survival HC/SC com c Heroes Books 2002 Английский
David Gemmell's Legend: A Graphic Novel GN com c 1993 Английский
DC Super Friends Brain Freeze! com c DC Comics 2010 Английский
DC Super Friends: Heroes Coloring Book com c DC Comics 2011 Английский
The Demon's Sermon On the Martial Arts: A Graphic Novel GN com c 2013 Английский
Doctor Seuss Oh the Places You'll Go com c Английский
Ewoks Join The Fight com c 1983 Английский
Fagin the Jew com c 2003 Английский
Fagin The Jew os bd c 2003― Английский
Free Comic Book Day 2019 bd c Vertical Comics;
Vault Comics;
Valiant Entertainment;
Starburns Industries Press;
New England Comics Press;
lion Forge;
Dynamic Entertainment;
Chapterhouse Publishing, Inc.;
American Mythology Productions;
Golden Apple Comics;
Kodansha Comics;
IDW Publishing;
Humanoids Inc.;
Scout Comics;
Antarctic Press;
Graphic Pop;
UDON Entertainment Corp.;
Titan Comics;
Source Point Press;
Epicenter Comics;
Oni Press;
Red 5 Comics;
Ahoy Comics;
YouNeek Studios;
BOOM! Studios;
Drawn and Quarterly;
Archie Comics;
Arcana Studio;
Albatross Funnybooks;
Viz Media Llc;
DC Comics;
Dark Horse Comics;
2019― Английский
A Game of Thrones bd c Dynamite Entertainment 2011― Английский
Garfield str c 1978―2018 Английский
Garfield Christmas str c 1987 Английский
Gemma Bovery (1999) os bd c 2000― Английский
Here os bd c 2014― Английский
HiLo and His Friends Get Graphic com c 2018 Английский
Incredible Hulk (The) com c 1966―2012 Английский
Invincible Iron Man (The) HC com c 1977―2012 Английский
Iron Man Armored Adventures: The Crimson Dynamo Returns com c 2011 Английский
Iron Man Armored Adventures: The Might of Doom com c 2012 Английский
Iron Man Armored Adventures: Panthers Prey com c 2011 Английский
Iron Man Armored Adventures: Titanium vs. Iron com c 2012 Английский
Jew of New York (The) (1998) os bd c 2001― Английский
Jimmy Corrigan com c 2000 Английский
Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer bd c Little, Brown & Company;
Little, Brown and Co.
1996―2003 Английский
Kellerman/L'Amour Sampler FCBD com c 2013 Английский
Marvel Heroes Little Golden Book Favourites com c 2012 Английский
Mighty Avengers (The) com c 2008―2010 Английский
Mighty Avengers (The) com c 2012 Английский
official godzilla compendium (the) com c 1998 Английский
Overstreet Guide bd c Gemstone Publishing 2009― Английский
Perdida (La) (2001) bd c 2006― Английский
Raw (1980) bd c Raw Books 1986― Английский
Robo Force: Robo Force and the Giant Robot com c 1985 Английский
Shoplifter (2014) os bd c Английский
star trek: the prisoner of vega com c 1977 Английский
Star Wars: A Droid Adventure: The White Witch com c 1986 Английский
star wars: battle in the arena com c Dark Horse Comics 2002 Английский
star wars: c com c Dark Horse Comics 1983 Английский
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Storybook com c 1980 Английский
Star Wars Episode I: Anakin to Rescue - Volume 1 bok c 1999 Английский
Star Wars Episode I: Darth Maul's Revenge Volume 1 bok c 2000 Английский
Star Wars: The Ewoks & The Lost Children com c 1985 Английский
Star Wars: I Am A Bounty Hunter com c 2002 Английский
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Storybook com c 1983 Английский
star wars: revenge of the sith the movie scrapbook com c Dark Horse Comics 2005 Английский
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith The Movie Storybook com c 2005 Английский
Star Wars Storybook (The) com c Star Wars Corp&Random house 1978 Английский
Star Wars: Wicket Finds A Way com c 1984 Английский
Star Wars: Wookiee Storybook, The Realscangstas com c 1978 Английский
Star Wars. Droids com c 1986 Английский
Stone Rabbit com c 2009―2010 Английский
Stop Forgetting to Remember os bd c Английский
Story of Superman (The) com c 1980 Английский
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures TPB com c 1989 Английский
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Code Name Chameleon com c IDW Publishing 1991 Английский
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Escape From Dimension X com c IDW Publishing 1991 Английский
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Fight For The Turnstone com c IDW Publishing 1991 Английский
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splinter's Last Chance com c IDW Publishing 1991 Английский
Thundercats-Quest For the Magic Crystal com c 1985 Английский
TMNT Adventures Series com c 1988 Английский
TMNT Adventures Series: Coney Island Days com c 1993 Английский
Wonder Woman-A Pop-Up Book Volume 1 com c DC Comics 1980 Английский
X-Men bd c 1993―1994 Английский
X-Men: Beauty And Beast Volume 1 com c Marvel 1994 Английский
X-Men: Experiment on Muir Island com c 1994 Английский
X-Men: Slaves of Genosha com c 1994 Английский