Disney/Hyperion Books

Date From: 1995-00-00

Disney Hyperion; Disney·Hyperion; Disney/Hyperion; Disney/Hyperion Books

США, New York, 125 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023

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Disney / Hyperion Books
This is an imprint of the Disney Book Group, or Disney Publishing Worldwide ({{publisher|Disney Press}}).
The slash is not spaced in the database, where that would imply that "Disney" is an imprint of "Hyperion Books".
("Disney/Hyperion Books / Disney Press" should not appear in the database either.)

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Disney-Hyperion — импринт, созданный в марте 1995 г. путём объдинения Hyperion Books for Children и Disney Press и входящий в состав издательской группы Disney Book Group ( Disney Book Publishing, Inc .).


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