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Year Total number Title Author(s)
2008-01 Trickery Treat Diana G. Gallagher
2007-08-28 Leo Rising Paul Ruditis
2007-04 High Spirits Scott Ciencin
2006-12-26 Phoebe Who? Emma Harrison
2006-10-24 House of Shards Micol Ostow
2006-08 Light of the World Scott Ciencin
2006-05-23 Sweet Talkin' Demon Laura J. Burns
2006-04 As Puck Would Have It Paul Ruditis
2006-02 Hurricane Hex Diana G. Gallagher
2005-12-01 Demon Doppelgangers Greg Elliot
2005-10 Picture Perfect Cameron Dokey
2005-08-01 The Queen's Curse Emma Harrison
2005-06-01 The Warren Witches Constance M. Burge
2005-04 Changeling Places Micol Ostow
2005-02 Mystic Knoll Diana G. Gallagher
2004-11 Pied Piper Debbie Viguié
2004-09 Survival of the Fittest Jeff Mariotte
2004-07 The Brewing Storm Paul Ruditis
2004-05 A Tale of Two Pipers Emma Harrison
2004-01 Luck Be a Lady Scott Ciencin
2004 Inherit the Witch Laura J. Burns
2003-11 Truth and Consequences Cameron Dokey
2003-07 Mirror Image Jeff Mariotte
2003-05 Mist and Stone Diana G. Gallagher
2003-03 Something Wiccan This Way Comes Emma Harrison
2003 Seasons of the Witch: Volume 1 Laura J. Burns; Emma Harrison
2003 Between Worlds Bobbi J. G. Weiss; Jacklyn Wilson
2003 Shadow of the Sphinx Carla Jablonski
2002-11 Dark Vengeance Diana G. Gallagher
2002-07 Garden of Evil Emma Harrison
2002-05 Spirit of the Wolf Diana G. Gallagher
2002 Date with Death Elizabeth Lenhard
2002 Charmed Again Elizabeth Lenhard
2001-08 Beware What You Wish Diana G. Gallagher
2001-06 Soul of the Bride Elizabeth Lenhard
2001-04 The Legacy of Merlin Eloise Flood
2001-02 The Gypsy Enchantment Carla Jablonski
2000-10 Haunted by Desire Cameron Dokey
2000-08 Voodoo Moon Wendy Corsi Staub
2000-04 The Crimson Spell F. Goldsborough
2000-02 Kiss of Darkness Brandon Alexander
2000 Whispers from the Past Rosalind Noonan
1999 The Power of Three Eliza Willard