Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry

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Mini-reviews in medical chemistry

Min Rev Med Chem; mini rev med chem; Mini-Rev Med Chem; MiniRev Med Chem; MRMC


10.2174; 10.2174/mrmc-13895575-633

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Chemistry - Combinatorial Chemistry Chemistry - Medicinal Chemistry Medicine - Pharmacology

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The aim of this journal is to publish short reviews on the important recent developments in medicinal chemistry and allied disciplines. The scope of Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry will cover all areas of medicinal chemistry including developments in rational drug design, synthetic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, drug targets, and natural product research and structure-activity relationship studies. Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry is an essential journal for every medicinal and pharmaceutical chemist who wishes to be kept informed and up-to-date with the latest and most important developments.