Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering

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Arch Comp Meth Eng; Arch Comput Meth Eng; Arch Comput Meth Engng; Arch Comput Method E; Arch Comput Method Eng; Arch Comput Methods Eng; Arch Comput Methods Engrg; Arch Computat Methods Eng; ARCO



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Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering provides an active forum for the dissemination of results in both research and advanced practice in computational engineering, with particular emphasis on mechanics and its related areas. The journal exclusively publishes extended state-of-the-art reviews in selected areas, a unique feature of the journal. Reviews published in the journal not only offer a survey of the current literature, but also a critical exposition of the topic in its full complexity. A partial list of topics includes modeling; solution techniques and applications of computational methods in a variety of areas (e.g., liquid and gas dynamics, solid and structural mechanics, bio-mechanics, etc.); variational formulations and numerical algorithms related to implementation of the finite and boundary element methods; finite difference and finite volume methods; and other basic computational methodologies.