Psychology of Men and Masculinity

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This twice yearly journal is devoted to the dissemination of research, theory, and clinical scholarship that advances the discipline of the psychology of men and masculinity. This discipline is defined broadly as the study of how mens psychology is influenced and shaped by gender, and by the process of masculinization, in both its socially constructed and biological forms. Scholarship that advances our understanding of mens psychology across the life span, across racial and ethnic groups, and across time is welcome. Examples of relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the processes and consequences of male gender socialization, including its impact on mens health, behavior, interpersonal relationships, emotional development, violence, and psychological well-being; assessment and measurement of the masculine gender role; gender role strain, stress and conflict; masculinity ideology; fathering; mens utilization of psychological services; conceptualization and assessment of interventions
addressing mens understanding of masculinity; sexuality and sexual orientation; biological aspects of male development; and the victimization of male children and adults.