Global Environmental Politics

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Global Environmental Politics invites submissions that focus on international and comparative environmental politics. The journal covers the relationship between global political forces and environmental change. Topics include the role of states, multilateral institutions and agreements, trade, international finance, corporations, inequalities, non-governmental organizations, science and technology, and grassroots movements. Particular attention is given to the implications of local-global interactions for environmental management as well as the implications of environmental change for world politics. Articles must make a theoretical or empirical contribution to understanding environmental or political change. Submissions are sought across the disciplines including political science, international relations, sociology, history, human geography, public policy, science and technology studies, environmental ethics, law, economics, and environmental science. The journal is divided into Current
Debates and Research Articles. Current Debates comprise short commentaries on topics in international and comparative environmental politics. These should contain a strong argument that will provoke scholarly debates. Research Articles are full-length papers that contain an original contribution to research on environmental politics.