David Mitchell

Full name: Mitchell, David Stephen

Birthdate: 1969-01-12

Birthplace: Ainsdale, Southport, Lancashire, England, UK

Debut: 1999


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Stats: Works count: 103; detail: Novel 22; Shortfiction 4; Essay 11; Interview 10; Review 56; Editions: 99

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Ghostwritten [English] (1999)

     Translation Ecrits fantômes [French] (2004)

     Translation Chaos [German] (2004)

Number9dream [English] (2001)

     Translation Number 9 Dream [German] (2011)

Cloud Atlas [English] (2004)

     Translation Der Wolkenatlas [German] (2006)

     Translation El atlas de las nubes [Spanish] (2006)

     Translation Cartographie des nuages [French] (2007)

     Translation Wolkenatlas [Dutch] (2011)

Black Swan Green [English] (2007)

     Translation Der dreizehnte Monat [German] (2007)

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet [English] (2010)

     Translation Die tausend Herbste des Jacob de Zoet [German] (2012)

The Bone Clocks [English] (2014)

     Translation Die Knochenuhren [German] (2016)

     Translation Relojes de hueso [Spanish] (2016)

     Translation L'âme des horloges [French] (2017)

Slade House [English] (2015)

     Translation Doorgang [Dutch] (2015)

     Translation Slade House [German] (2018)

Utopia Avenue [English] (2020)


What You Do Not Know You Want [English] (2004)

The Siphoners [English] (2011)

Samuel Johnson and James Boswell [English] (2013)

If Wishes Was Horses [English] (2020)


Based on the Novel By [English]

Introduction (The Woman in the Dunes) [English]

Afterword II (Riddley Walker) [English] (2005)

On Historical Fiction [English] (2010)

Letter (Black Gate, Winter 2010) [English] (2010)

Author's Note (The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet) [English] (2010)

Acknowledgments (The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet) [English] (2010)

Introduction (Under the Skin) [English] (2011)

Introduction (A Wizard of Earthsea) [English] (2015)

Guest of Honor: David Mitchell [English] (2017)

Introduction (The Left Hand of Darkness) [English] (2018)


Interview with David Mitchell [English] (2007)

Interview with David Mitchell [English] (2014)

The Ticking of Bone Clocks [English] (2015) (with Glyn Morgan)

Interview: David Mitchell [English] (2016)

WFR Interview: David Mitchell [English] (2018) (with Danel Olson)


Moonheart [English] (1990)

Black Milk [English] (1990) (with Robert Reed)

Rats and Gargoyles [English] (1990)

Digital Dreams [English] (1991)

Cloud Atlas [English] (2004)

Cloud Atlas [English] (2004)

Cloud Atlas [English] (2004)

Cloud Atlas [English] (2005)

Cloud Atlas [English] (2005)

Cloud Atlas [English] (2005) (with Adam Roberts)

Cloud Atlas [English] (2006)

Der Wolkenatlas [German] (2007)

Der Wolkenatlas [German] (2007)

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet [English] (2010)

The Bone Clocks [English] (2014) (with James Smythe)

The Bone Clocks [English] (2015) (with Anthony Nanson)

The Bone Clocks [English] (2015)

The Bone Clocks [English] (2015)

The Bone Clocks [English] (2015) (with Adam Roberts)

The Bone Clocks [English] (2015) (with Ian Sales)

Slade House [English] (2015) (with Ian Sales)

Slade House [English] (2015) (with Scarlett Thomas)

Slade House [English] (2016) (with Michelle West)

The Bone Clocks [English] (2016)

Slade House [English] (2016) (with Mysti Parker)

Slade House [English] (2016) (with Colin Steele)

L'âme des horloges [French] (2017)

L'âme des horloges [French] (2017)